Zotye will release the new SUV T700.

Zotye SUV T700In the near future, the line of Chinese manufacturer Zotye will be replenished with the new SUV, based on the concept car T600 S, whose premiere took place in the last year in Shanghai.

The novelty will be based on the concept car Zotye T600 S. The stock model of SUV T700 will be presented in December, and the sales of this car will start next year.

The size of Zotye T700 will correspond to this of T600 S, i.e. 4732х1924х1695 mm with the wheelbase of 2850 mm and Honda crv 2004 headlight bulb. Under the hood of this model you’ll find the petrol 1.8- and
Moreover, the company is planning to release at least two new SUVs – the mid-size SR8 and subcompact Z300.

Appointment and operation of the relay.

relayRelay is electrical device (circuit breaker) designed for opening and closing various portions of electrical circuits for given changes in electrical or non-electrical input quantities.

Relay types can be distinguished by the control signal and execution, we will not dwell on it, it’s all there on the same Wikipedia. We only note that the most widely used electrical (solenoid) relay.

To understand why we need from the definition of difficult is switch, so explain in the simple words:

The relay is designed for switching of a large currents of load. In other words, it is a switch, and is even easier – the principle of the relay – low current (eg signal button) turn on a chain with a large shock. A relay is used when an actuator (starter, alternator, fan, mirror, horn, etc.) consume more current (30-40 amperes).

Repair of car steering wheel.

Repair of car steering wheel.First of all, operation of any vehicle requires the correctness of the driver.
Power steering of your car Audi will last a long time only in case of timely and competent service. It is necessary to add in a tank a proprietary liquid G002. The operation is carried out every two years, or at least its darkening, which appears when the steering wheel is held for a long time in an extreme position. In this case, the device parts wear out quickly, which entails an inevitable repair of Audi power steering. Because the “buzzed” pump can’t be saved from jamming. As a rule, in the repair of Audi PS such techniques as chrome, rebushing, sputtering are used. It depends on the degree of wear parts.

Anyone, even a small car repairs should not be postponed. Otherwise, minor damage at first glance may lead later to more serious problems.

Advantages of a mechanical transmission.

Transfers switch exclusively on command and will of the driver. Mechanic allows you to change the transmission in a convenient and appropriate time. If necessary, it can “hold” the transmission or ride coasting, and also with the help of mechanics you can effectively slow down the engine in slippery winter time switching step-down boxes. Until recently, execute automated transmission was not able to. Even now, not all drivers are trained in such tricks;


  • binding, for example, in the snow, on the mechanics you can try to get under way “in the build-up”, quickly switching between first and reverse gear. In all kinds of cars, it is possible, but difficult to crank out the same, because such switch takes more time;
  • and finally, the manual transmission is simple in construction, maintenance and repair, as well as significantly cheaper than their automatic counterparts. If the executive car has long been forgotten about mechanics, in the budget segment, the difference in cost between the machine with automatic and manual transmission is a serious argument in favor of the latter one.