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How to Replace Headlight Bulb Hyundai Tucson

2005 hyundai tucson headlight bulb replacementYeah I’m sure that your Watson fix with but 2 things before it started I made this video to help you so please help me and help you I don’t think the singer to you it’s a great help if you subscribe like interleague come down below that’s it let’s get started. So today I’ll be showing you how to replace your 2005 Hyundai Tucson headlight replacement a few. She doesn’t 6 Hyundai alone should. Okay guys know the first thing you do just for me this cabaret here’s can you left did not see this is going to pop off like that then you have the plugin right there see just gonna. Come on pool. On the plug. And remove the plug like said. Then we have a little metal clipper gonna push and pull off and the more removed the headlight. So here’s the head let area and if you can see this little clip right down there with my fingers component is going to. Push down. And I know it’s hard to sneak.

We’re gonna push down and come forward and as you can kind of see their. Or the better angles the dean of push down and then come that way and then just pull back and you see the bolts gonna and then you just grab the Cotton Bowl and be careful not to push it because the oil on your skin or damage will make it closer you pull it out. And there you go. Okay guys and you see this bow here’s got Belle Knox that not theirs up you need to make sure that not set up there is.

Pointing upwards when you place it back and sue you if you can imagine you’re gonna set in this simply and then you gonna kinda rocking back and forth little bit until it set into the assembly then you’re gonna take that metal clip and you’re gonna come across never knew you gonna push down and then slide across with the metal clip and it’ll have the ball blocked in a. Arias and now I’m gonna try and get it me put him back in here don’t know feel deceived or not but. She enchants slide in NY. And place it back in the. I know my finger to cover in there quite a bit. I But now it got in there. Yeah and. This is a. Now you see it said in there.

You want the Crohn’s will watch connectors their economy parallel like it’s you can see it there in the news gonna cut a rocket back worth a bit insults setting in and you can see. The ball was actually sitting down below the top of that. Ridge there which is like the simplicity want to sit in there and then you’ll take your like this. And then I’m gonna push down. And then I’m gonna some pushing down on this clip them doing it across and I can see it said and it and the ball was no longer maybe once you’ve done that you take this plug. And just plug it up like so. To get your plug back in then you’re going to take your cat. Open of drop the cat but you’ll put the cap back on over there and you’ll turn it right ready tidy and just turns a little bit and then you will have your new Hyundai Tucson headlight bulb in place.

Lots of food today as a thing for optional see next on. Well that is unfortunate all this time I have for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video just as much as I did making it. And forcefully contests begin right here on fix book tomorrow almanacs video just don’t forget to subscribe like him we what’s the concept well thanks again guys for watching the NC tomorrow right here on Facebook.