Car Repair (1)

Repair of car steering wheel.

Repair of car steering wheel.First of all, operation of any vehicle requires the correctness of the driver.
Power steering of your car Audi will last a long time only in case of timely and competent service. It is necessary to add in a tank a proprietary liquid G002. The operation is carried out every two years, or at least its darkening, which appears when the steering wheel is held for a long time in an extreme position. In this case, the device parts wear out quickly, which entails an inevitable repair of Audi power steering. Because the “buzzed” pump can’t be saved from jamming. As a rule, in the repair of Audi PS such techniques as chrome, rebushing, sputtering are used. It depends on the degree of wear parts.

Anyone, even a small car repairs should not be postponed. Otherwise, minor damage at first glance may lead later to more serious problems.