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My god what’s going on it’s a martyr from lands end of the 2016 Chrysler Town and Country, fully loaded. I don’t want my reviews again let’s get started. Okay overall you know. But the power doors. Captain chairs to people there. 3 in the back that’s 52 in the front side then DVDs screens on the roof rear air. Okay vents in every way bands all over there in the back. That prevents everything leather. I but not closed buckles don’t go. You know you got everything here. Check it out. Lashing he. Navigation the whole bit this council the works alright. So it puts American here, A big guy LCD screen navigation, AM, FM satellite. But the regular caravan the Cup. RPM’s gas and everything that’s got nice leather thick leather steering wheel new Chrysler logo all the volume controls everything here and open up the ones back there if you can see it. It’s big roomy console like this. All that good stuff.

CHRYSLER TOWN and COUNTRYCan open a door that lead from the top over here. As well you can opener from back there. Norse okay. Stay out of that section event mum steak. So overall nice van I actually have one of these but the regular grain caravan sola interior wise only delete change a leather. Same wood trim here and over there that the other care. Same story will believe it or not everything’s the same didn’t really give a of a lot the center console there are going to get the DVD and rear air. Same captain chairs everything is actually identical the opening here is the same. Sometimes a caravanserai because of the full range of this as an LCD display, same buttons and knobs are basically. Hi it’s an overall vans van that you’ll do the same purpose it’s got stolen gold. Okay itself about the cargo mats their stuff and on the floor there. Let’s go all that good stuff now. Like I said if it’s like a regular van. They’re really that improve much this time. Exterior wise it as much as the other matches the new type of concept advantage that they change that rail they didn’t remember hill town of countries there really like when you got into it leather nice wood grain and. Along more locals and everything it really feel like okay. Chrysler town and country headlight replacement – additional information see at

Justify spending 56 ran on the van. Seoul compared to the about the our regular out 2016 Dodge grand caravan the base model if your sentence about it but you inside and not sure the outside you would know its price survey because the emblem but as far as everything else concerns the same. I like it’s talking and same thing here everything the docks the buttons on it a little bonus clock there but. Now is the worst thing in the money if you want to feel better go ahead it should at the same venue to get the same driving capabilities the same performance. I guess it. Great van a van. If you want to spend that kind of money let me know. This is my basic quick review same RC. 2000. Steam Chrysler town country. I hope you like it. Make up. About research and see what this band gives you a post on the regular grandparents thank you guys Tamar from reminds about.

Honda Odyssey 2002 Review

Honda Odyssey 2002The Honda Odyssey 2002 has been taking up quite a lot of space in the cod buys guides for the past few months and we got to know quite intimately. Trent it’s time to spill obeying that’s right Tegan we’re halfway through our love affair with the Honda Odyssey what we’re gonna do now is that you know all the things that we love about the Honda Odyssey and a few things they’ve been getting on the. Now taken this might be more long term and you know the only one in the office. I have to say that a few of the people are guilty as well the you’ve been stealing it whenever you can get your hands on I have is just so much fun to drive a dip is up but. I really enjoyed the elephant in the room with the new water sees the styling the old Odyssey was always seen as the most attractive papal movement this one is a big departure from that big being the operative word because it’s such a big job what do you think of the Stalin look it does look completely different but I’m a big fan of all the bling a love the crime on the front steps down the side the alloy wheels it’s just pimped out Mellado it’s a soccer mom brought with it a star.

Now there’s a few different issues with the starling that we don’t like we’ve said that it’s a little bit low in areas what do you think that my biggest problem with the with the high is the front if you got a driver with a bit of a dip in it you guessed right but you can notice that on the front is accomplished right on artist with the front door was actually hang very large so when you open them out if you’re up against a high got a you can Nile them on that and the other issue is the electric doors on the side type pop out quite a long line yes so if you put up close to a god I can pop out and scrape up against it as well so that can save any. So. Where the Odyssey really does Sean inside the cabin so we’re gonna take a look at that now the interior is really the star of the show I mean this is absolutely massive inside this Odyssey let’s talk about the driving compartment now off on the sat nav system while it works well it just looks a little clumsy with the smart find connected there and you’ve got titles and wise and stuff but how did you find that central control system.

But it looks great and easy to Rachel the buttons light on you at the I saying that and made fun of angle panel sinews grain, and I just found it easy to use illiterate clumsy like you said but you get used to it the steering wheel mounted controls are great. I love that center console area that extends back out above that you’ve got all your inputs for US bay unites the annoying you power socket but that comes out it’s got bottle holders not just how tall is you know and also you can put your hand bag in the middle there between the states to if you’re lighting in bags and handbags, that much that plenty of room in there so it’s all very utilitarian up the front it’s comfortable. It’s specious and it’s really easy to access now moving into the second row this is really a proper papal move around a lot because pretend to be a people mover, but you’ve got properly day lauding for the second and third row air conditioning outlets separate controls for the EC, on this is a really comfortable playful mood. Installed New LED 2002 Honda Odyssey headlight. Now let’s talk about the safe because my favorite thing so this particular say he where all the way back let’s move this one forward because it’ll go a long way forward.

So that’s locked into the front position there we haven’t got the third row connected yet we have got that followed it up and look how much room there is now from that you can also go out counts. I could’ve side to side so we can add distance between this middle row if we want a bit more spice in the front healthy will get through to black helps gone through this that drive and then you can also come all the way back here again to where we were before now we’ve got leg rests there as well which you can access we’ve got arm rests he which a fantastic. I mean they say to just really pumped up. You know look how much legroom we’ve got going through that front area there’s a normal lounge exactly so if your only using 2 rows you can have them all the way back he made the third Reich can push them forward and felt without even kick out of that in the in the back of the seat for mia yet now I heard a rumor that the state would go on the way back.

What’s this and rude not to Tegan with lost after the diet speaking of spice we gonna go check out the boot area now because even with the third row folded up is still a wholly different behind it which is really important if you go to like about a year and. Not taken we’ve got electric saw doors we’ve mentioned them we love them they’re extremely handy bots there is no alleged Talbot up on that really disappointing because it’s heavy and little bloody going and if you gonna send the kids the cause to put anything in then occurred about a close it’s too cold to heart.

I went wretched pawn that do such a great job of creating flexible seating and this is no exception it’s so easy to use as one of the best of our use of ever come across I think look let’s floated up it’s really easy this one task here we drop the beis forward then we just pull the backrest up like that it’s really easy and it takes a couple seconds the backrest adjustable as well you can pull that further back or have it sit there for me the best part is that when that third rising ploy look at that like exabytes takes a room you could fit a couple big suitcases in their in fact we put 2 big suitcases in there plenty around this saving is really clever there’s a 12 volt power socket back there for the third Reich fantastic if the kids they to charge their off I know there ought Pat I think it certainly fits the brief of being a practical people live up plus the delivers Bakul if you need to move the family income fit this is as good as it gets.