Advantages of a mechanical transmission.

Transfers switch exclusively on command and will of the driver. Mechanic allows you to change the transmission in a convenient and appropriate time. If necessary, it can “hold” the transmission or ride coasting, and also with the help of mechanics you can effectively slow down the engine in slippery winter time switching step-down boxes. Until recently, execute automated transmission was not able to. Even now, not all drivers are trained in such tricks;


  • binding, for example, in the snow, on the mechanics you can try to get under way “in the build-up”, quickly switching between first and reverse gear. In all kinds of cars, it is possible, but difficult to crank out the same, because such switch takes more time;
  • and finally, the manual transmission is simple in construction, maintenance and repair, as well as significantly cheaper than their automatic counterparts. If the executive car has long been forgotten about mechanics, in the budget segment, the difference in cost between the machine with automatic and manual transmission is a serious argument in favor of the latter one.

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